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Hi! My name is Lea and I am a Travel Addict! This sounds like something you would hear in an AA meeting (at least that what I have seen it in the movies :)). But the truth is – travel is an addiction too. BUT luckily of a good kind. I have been traveling for ages (20 years), mostly on shorter trips to different cities, but also mountains. I am not a hiker, but I love to spend time in the mountains –  bring my backpack, transportable cooking stove and pancake batter, or bring hotdogs I can grill over the bonfire and hot chocolate in my thermos.

Finding the right travel accessory or gadget can be a pain in the a.., believe me, I know. It is really a jungle out there. So I hope I can use my 20 years of experience to some good and help you pick the best travel accessories for your travels.

Luggage Reviews

Lightweight luggage reviews are made on similar criteria such as overall dimensions, weight, maneuverability, and material they are made of – among several. Hardside luggage will not be in the same category as Softside etc. The products will be in three price ranges – budget, midrange, and luxury. My research will be based on users feedback, manufacturers specifications and my own experiences with the products I have used.

Comparisons – We all have different needs and comparisons will include the best selling and most recommended products across three prices categories.

What you should remember choosing your new piece of luggage –  your most important requirements.

Travel accessories guides

In this section, you will find:
Gift guide for travel lovers – for her and for him
Packing guides for city traveling for each season – for her and him
Packing guides for easy mountain hiking – for her and him
Guides for travel electronic devices, such as cameras, headphones, speakers and so on

What is my purpose

  • Make your travel preparations and travels as easy, comfortable and convenient as possible
  • Save your time doing your own research
  • Hopefully, save you some money

My values

Traveling has taught me to be tolerant, respectful and more knowledgeable. It has given me a different perspective on my own life and has shown me the importance of human caring and engagement. I believe in sustainability and value adding and support manufacturers that have same values as me.

Yours sincerely

TravelAddict Lea

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